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For many immigrants, the “Green Card” (a United States Permanent Resident Card) is one of the most sought-after goals in the process. While there are several ways in which to get this document, the most common routes are through family or employment.

A family petition would require the immigrant to be sponsored by a U.S. citizen or U.S. Permanent Resident family member. This family member is limited to spouses, children, parents and brother/sister. Depending on the specific circumstances, these petitions can take a few months to several years to complete. Please inquire to the particulars of your case.

An employment-based petition usually requires a work sponsor and labor certification (PERM). Some professionals who have achieved a high level in their field and whose expertise would benefit the United States might be eligible to avoid labor certification though an "extraordinary ability" application or a "national interest waiver".

Permanent Residency

If labor certification is required, the immigrant would need a work sponsor and prove that there are no suitable U.S. citizen or permanent resident workers that are willing to fill the position. This involves a recruitment process that must be carefully monitored. Once the labor certification is approved, the immigrant must wait for his/her priority date to become current to file for the Green Card. Often times this is difficult because the immigrant must maintain status while the priority date is pending. For this reason, the most suitable candidates for labor certifications are often H-1B and L Visa holders. Please inquire as to potential options for each of these routes.