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Welcome to our website.  We are an immigration law firm located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with a strong focus on business and family based immigration .

In 2012 we partnered with the law firm of Hanes & Bartels to expand capabilities to provide better service to our clients.  We primarily serve immigration clients in the Colorado Springs metro area, but also work with clients from throughout Colorado and indeed the world.   We have established a very favorable reputation of excellence, serving clients across the region ranging from individuals and small businesses, to multinational corporations.

Our favorable reputation among the immigrant communities is due to the honesty, reasonable fees, and the extra care we give to every client.

For our corporate clients, we have skillfully handled many successful cases involving H1B transfers and H1B extensions, as well as Labor Certifications (PERM) and employment-based petitions. For individuals, we have reunited countless families and litigated against the immigration service to put an end to seemingly endless delays that have been unfairly imposed on some green card and citizenship applicants.

Our approach is to fully investigate every option our clients may have, and enable them to obtain and maintain lawful status in the United States of America. This is truly our passion.



To help us determine if we can assist you, please complete a short questionnaire. All answers are strictly confidential, and you do not have to provide your name and address.

For a professional consultation, feel free to contact us by email or call us at (719) 260-7900. Our staff is bilingual with members who speak Spanish and German. Para Español: 719-433-7571.

Our passion is to advance your immigration goals!